1. Cover image of "Zukü"


    Combining old and new technology to make a lasting website

  2. Cover image of "Refactoring"


    Modernizing and making the website maintainer friendly

  3. Cover image of "Automated outlining for OpenMoji"

    Automated outlining for OpenMoji

    Making the set of open-source emoji work on dark backgrounds

  4. Cover image of ""

    A new website alongside a branding iteration

  5. Cover image of "Link Preview Generator"

    Link Preview Generator

    Website previews for your favourite notes app (or wherever you need it)

  6. Cover image of "Cursed Leash"

    Cursed Leash

    Entry for the GMTK Gamejam 2021

  7. Cover image of "_The Coding Writer_-Theme"

    The Coding Writer-Theme

    A clean, multi-purpose theme for the note taking tool "The Archive"

  8. Cover image of "UI design accessibility"

    UI design accessibility

    Common accessibility pitfalls (and possible fixes) for UX/UI designers

  9. Cover image of ""

    A slick appearance for a slick service

  10. Cover image of "Human Element Inc."

    Human Element Inc.

    Crowdwork Services for Everyday Life

  11. The Bogner Projection

    Understanding map projections by inventing one

  12. Cover image of "Raising Robotic Natives"

    Raising Robotic Natives

    Artefacts for generations growing up with robots