Automated outlining for OpenMoji

  • Release:


  • Code finished:

    February 2022

  • Emoji design:

    OpenMoji Collaborators

  • Help by:

    Benedikt Groß


I created an algorithm that automatically creates outlines for the 4083 OpenMojis to make them work on dark backgrounds.

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OpenMoji is a free and open-source emoji-set by the University of Applied Sciences Schwäbisch Gmünd and collaborators.

Problem: There are 4083 OpenMojis and not all were well readable on dark backgrounds.

It be a daunting task to create a white outline manually, so I created an algorithm that does so in a few seconds.

Before and after

Before and after outlining emoji

A few examples how the outlining affects the readability

As of writing this the outlining algorithm isn’t included in the released OpenMojis yet, but one can follow the progress on Github.


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