The Fatalatour App

September 2014 – A project by David Leonard, Benedikt Groß and me.

I had the pleasure to work with David Leonard. I developed a web application for the Fatalatour with lots of help and guidance by the amazing Benedikt Groß.

"FataLAtour is a multifaceted mixed-reality mobile application that pulls data off of the screen and onto the street. When a participant walks into a public space where someone was shot, either in a movie or real life, the phone sends signal to a device which delivers a blood-like stain onto the person’s shirt." (Source)

I developed a repsonsive web application for the Fatalatour from scratch, integrating its current design.
Once you start the application it tells you direction, distance and type of the closest incident – An enhanced compass pointing to incidents. By not using maps, the focues is set on discovering instead of pure navigating.


Four different "compass needles" illustrate the four different types of incidents:


Try out the webapp or book a tour if you are in LA right now